Women Bikers Unite

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By Pam Teel

Four years ago, Cheryl Krajewski had an idea. She loved motorcycles and thought it would be fun to start a group of lady bike riders, aptly named the NJ Lady Riders. To Cheryl, the sisterhood they have created over the miles they have ridden is priceless. The camaderie of females is likely to turn heads when fifteen or sixteen of them are out there revving it up on the road.

Their latest ride was on May 4th, which was the 13th annual International Female Ride Day. This was the group’s fourth year riding together in this event. They dedicated their ride to member Carolyn Defalco’s biker friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Carolyn carried a photo of their friend with them on the ride.

Motorcycle riding was always a passion for Carolyn. Her journey started as a young girl riding as a passenger in the mid 70’s but she wanted to be the one in control so she learned to ride. She purchased her first motor- cycle in 1977 and never looked back.

When she started riding, women on bikes were the exception. She faced many challenges fitting in. Now you
see women on bikes all the time. Carolyn does her best to offer women advice on learning to ride and will
gladly help them in their first motorcycle purchase. Carolyn and her husband own a new Indian dealership in Feasterville, Pa. called Cosmo Indian Motorcycles. The biggest problem that she finds is that women want to ride but they can’t get over the fear of riding. Some fear is good as it gains respect for the road, but too much fear will cause a dangerous situation. Her advice to those women who fear riding on the road; get back on as a passenger. It’s not worth the risk. Some are not cut out to ride. Through the years Carolyn has visited much of the US, including Mexico & Canada by motorcycle. She has a few trips planned this year to Niagara Falls and Sturgis. She currently owns a 2016 Harley Davidson Street Glide CVO, and she recently purchased a 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite. Like the Harley, the Indian is an American made motorcycle, but unlike the Harley, the Indian offers a more comfortable ride and superior handling.

Anyone woman living in New Jersey who is interested in joining the ride, feel free to email Cheryl at bikerbabe724@msn.com or Carolyn at blingindian@gmail. com. They are a drama free, no hating group of women who enjoy riding their motorcycles and enjoy each other’s company. Interested lady riders can also look up the group on Facebook, NJ Lady riders, and request more information.

Most of the members live in Monmouth County, but the group is open to all. Carolyn lives in Millstone and there are members throughout the state and even a few that ride with them from PA. The group tries to encourage and empower women riders. All are welcome!

Carolyn has been riding for over 40 years. She recommends anyone, male or female, that wants to learn to ride a motorcycle to take a class first. She recommends this motorcycle training class in Englishtown- 732.905.7448 www.njmrt.com. The group welcomes all types of bikes. As Carolyn put it, It’s not what you ride, but that you ride!