Welcome to “the pages” of The Millstone Times!

The Millstone Times is the premier newspaper in Millstone and the surrounding area of Central NJ. We have grown from a one town newspaper to direct mail to now 9 towns in the past 7 years. Our distribution combines several zip codes and reaches one of the top four wealthiest demographics in the state. All of our editorial content is directly targeted with New Jersey news focusing on community people, news, events and businesses. We have an affluent readership of people who have the ability to buy most anything. Our editorial content has impact on the community, and our mission is to connect the small businesses in the community and the local non-for-profits with the families in our distribution area. We deliver our newspaper by direct mail, and our circulation and distribution is the highest in the area among penny-savers, shoppers, other newspapers and magazines because we cover many zip codes and “zones”.

The Millstone Times is a division of Gunther Publications. Gunther Publications publishes different media sources throughout Central Jersey, including Monmouth County, NJ news publications. The vision and mission of Gunther Publications is to connect small businesses with local families while using the voice of the publications to create and showcase people, charities and businesses in the community. Every member of the GPE team is a dedicated professional who balances a career, family life, and partakes and volunteers in the community.

Click here to contact us or email info@guntherpublications.com for more information.