Welcome to “the pages” of The Family Times Magazine!

The Family Times Parenting Magazine is the premier Family and Parenting magazine in Central New Jersey .Our readers turn to us for information, events and as a trusted source for referrals . We focus on education, camps, special needs, health, dining and more. Our distribution is very targeted and unique. Our distribution includes family- friendly high traffic locations throughout the county. We can be found every month at private & public schools, pre-schools, day-care centers, dance and sports facilities, Pediatrician offices and more. We have a devoted readership by the moms in the community and our primary target audience is women. Connecting the local small businesses with women who are the “purchasing power” in the community has had a huge impact and has helped the community keep spending local.

The Family Times Magazine is a division of Gunther Publications. Gunther Publications publishes different media sources throughout Central Jersey. The vision and mission of Gunther Publications is to connect small businesses with local families while using the voice of the publications to create and showcase people, charities, learning and businesses in the community. Every member of the GPE team is a dedicated professional who balances a career, family-life and also partakes and volunteers in the community.