Our Strategy
Our purpose is to target community resources in the local market to help capture and develop new print media strategies with a competitive advantage. We are continuously developing new ideas to gain new customers and new businesses for our advertisers.

Our Mission
As one of the leading independent publishers in New Jersey, our mission is to use the pages of each of our publications and free magazines as a “voice” to connect local businesses and charities with the families in their neighborhoods.

Our Publications
Each page in all our publications gives both our readers and the local businesses a defined connection that showcases community involvement and credibility.We recognize the importance, need and impact local businesses and professionals have when presenting and maintaining a presence in their community.

Our Focus
Our Focus is to fill the pages with material for the whole community. Our pages include interactive material and quality content.

Our Vision
The philosophy is a newsprint model that goes beyond regular shopper and penny-saver advertising used by other publishing companies in New Jersey. Our intent is to assist local businesses in targeting potential customers in their own neighborhoods. Our ultimate vision is to have each of our publications be a voice and a vehicle for the community, its resources, businesses, the voluntary sector, and connect them all as one.

Our Values
Every staff member on our team is a dedicated professional who balances a career, family-life, and also partakes in their community as a volunteer.

Our 5 Pledges of Customer Service
1. Deliver a “WOW” in servicing all of our customers.
2. Listen carefully to the needs of our customers.
3. Create campaigns that deliver a response for our customers at a low and affordable cost.
4. Build trust and lasting relationships with our customers.
5. Commit to providing honest and open communication with all our customers.