Why Choose Gunther Publishing

Gunther Publishing offers an extremely competitive circulation with a complete media mix for your business. Our primary marketing vehicle is print, but we include your ads on other platforms such as with web display ads, web blogging and content, social media, Email marketing and more ALL with a DIRECT LINK to your website and/or social media platform. We carefully select our distribution, optimizing a strategic and balanced targeted campaign for our advertisers because non of our publications overlap. We care about your business and we make it work for you. Our team is constantly getting educated on Best-Practices and Newest Research at several Industry related national events throughout the year.

More Than Just Print Advertising

Gunther Publications is a trusted resource of local information for everyone in Central New Jersey. From parents to small business owners, our targeted publications and local business listings connect local merchants and small business owners with the community. We continually focus on quality content and real life issues within each of our targeted publications.

Each of our publications has earned its very own niche, voice and place in the community. Each one of our monthly “pages” features news, local events, charities, inspiring real life stories from local parents, expert opinions, and health and wellness information. We cover a bit of everything for everyone in Central New Jersey. Our readership counts on The Gunther Family of Publications for the information that they need and want to know.


Gunther Publications prides itself on hosting and attending as many local events that we can! We believe in being a part of the community and creating awareness about different non-profits at all our events. That means we love to network with and for our advertisers! We host between six and 10 events every year, offering incredible value-added opportunities for our advertisers. We care about your success.


Newspaper and magazine advertising is our specialty, and we understand the challenges many businesses face in today’s competitive advertising marketplace. In print, we offer a direct connection to families, parents and women. All of our business advertising services and depth of knowledge help reinforce credibility and business recognition for local merchants and professionals. With our targeted publications, website, smart phone capability and social media engagement, we enable your business to reach every potential customer at the lowest cost points. Our publications provide a unique marketing opportunity for local businesses and professionals with a consciously targeted approach.


We constantly develop and improve our interactive and accessible website, making it user-friendly and informative for our viewers and readers. We provide a virtual version of our most recent monthly publications and archived issues, offering minute-to-minute social media postings with our social media sites, including additional and useful local information. Your business advertising takes on a 24/7 presence, working for you around the clock.


As an integral part of Central New Jersey, we’ve developed a long list of partnerships with charities, schools, educators and local businesses focused on making Central New Jersey a great place to live and raise a family. We look forward to the ongoing development of our partnerships to ensure that we continue to provide the best information to our readers.


At Gunther Publications, we think of all our advertisers as part of our extended family. For this reason, we have developed a number of value-added opportunities for our advertisers, including several services at no charge. Full color ads, ad design, publication distribution, inclusion at events, web click-through and marketing support are all offered free to our advertisers as a way of saying “thanks for your support,” and providing a media mix for our sponsors.

In a nutshell, our mission is to connect your local business with your community here in Central New Jersey. Gunther Publications is committed to providing useful and quality information to our readers, helping and inspiring them to live their best life. We look forward to growing our brands and building the most amazing relationships with our readers and advertisers.