Why Shop Coleman Kia and Subaru?

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By, Lauren Kolacki


When buying a new car there is a list of guidelines to follow. Set your budget, choose the right car, check the reliability, but most importantly, you must pick the right dealer. A great dealership has the right attitude, is knowledgeable about their products and is affordable. After talking to the Vice President and Managing Part- ner of Coleman Kia and Subaru, Scott Harvey, we got a better idea of why Ewing’s
Coleman Kia and Subaru is the best place to make your next purchase.
Scott began working with cars when he was just a teenager. He started off detailing them and from there he learned how to install accessories such as stereos, alarm sys- tems, window tints and sun roofs. After 25 years of climbing the ladder, he worked as management at other dealerships until 2015, when he finally had the opportunity
to buy into Coleman Kia and Subaru.
Scott likes people and he likes cars, so what better profession than this? Alongside Harvey is his
wife Robin, his son who works in the Service Department and his son-in-law who runs the Collision Center. But Scott claims that all of the staff is part of their family, in fact, many of those in managerial rolls are people who have previously worked with Scott. He claims that everyone at Coleman Kia and Subaru is great to work with, in fact, they make it a point to continue their friendships outside of work with dinners and BBQ’s.
Coleman Kia and Subaru runs things a bit differently than other dealerships. Scott is there every day to ensure that customers feel comfortable and his personal cell phone number is printed on every business card. Scott and the rest of the staff realize that they are nothing without their customers, therefore, every individual that steps foot into Coleman Kia and Subaru gets treated like guests in their home. They continue to be kind and supportive, in which their tag line is, “We celebrate you!” The staff gets excited for a customer when they purchase a new automobile. Their goal is to make sure that you are so satisfied, you will never want to shop elsewhere.
Coleman Kia and Subaru are transparent in pricing, both buying and leasing are incredibly favorable. Kia and Subaru both are award winning brands that are constantly being recognized by third party sources, such as, J.D. Power and Associates, Kelley Blue Book and the National Institute of Highway Safety.
Scott mentions his favorite car in the parking lot is currently the brand-new Kia stinger. He adds, “Kia really knocked it out of the park with this car.” It is the hottest four-door sedan on the market right now, in fact, it has been on the cover of every car magazine for the last several months. He believes that in the future, Kia will outsell some of the most popular brands in its class. His second favorite car in the parking lot is the Subaru Ascent. In the past, Subaru has lost business due to an absent third row, but not anymore. This new 8 passenger SUV has a 5,000 lb. towing capacity and guarantees satisfaction.
Coleman Kia and Subaru are 51 years in business at the same location. It is the oldest Subaru and Kia dealership in New Jersey. Scott claims a lot of their success is a result of their accessible location, 1710 N Olden Ave in Ewing Township.
The most rewarding thing about working with Coleman Kia and Subaru is the ability to show pride in the company. He is proud of the two award winning brands they represent, and the appreciativeness customers display. When asked of a challenge Scott faces, he was stumped. He is excited to be a part of this every day and all the challenges are overshadowed by grati- tude. Why should people shop with Kia and Subaru over other dealerships? Award winning brands at an award-winning dealership dealing with an award-winning staff. No games and gimmicks, Kia and Subaru take the stress and aggravation out of buying cars.