Virtual Reality Fitness Machines

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By Susan Heckler

Virtual reality is a computer technology which uses specifically designed headsets and/or environments projected through multi-media to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. You have seen this in the gaming industry for years and it has been a huge success.

Take this high-tech idea and project it into the workout environment in combination with physical environments and props and voila…you have, Virtual Reality Fitness! This wonder of wonders takes you ‘out of the gym’ and into any place you prefer to be working out. You can be biking in your field of dreams or stair mastering the Himalayas. The variation of where and when fools your mind into a state of exploration rather than hum drum workout place.

If you think of how Wii Sports made an athlete out of anyone, so can these virtual reality fitness machines Also called “Immersive Fitness”, the world is your yoga mat. VR takes you out of the gym and into a place of exploration and imagination. You mind is so busy absorbing where you are that you are stressing less about what you are doing, and the time passes by so much faster (and better)! You choose the time and place, and let VR take you away.

Exer-tainment isn’t a new concept but it certainly is improved. High cost and limited imagery have caused the old products to fail. The companies have stepped up their game with new technology and lower costs to make the equipment a success. The graphics are amazing, and the choices are wide.

There are still the traditionalists who prefer watching CNN or reading while they put in sweat equity building their bodies and their health. The price tag is up there, make no mistake.

You also have socially interactive VR fitness where you are in a group with others who are working out using the same programming. You can bike in a group in your head. You can join VR fitness classes with instructor

s and classes projected onto a screen which has already penetrated some thousands of clubs worldwide. Even Zumba got in on the act a few years ago.

Gamers are not the only ones who Got Game. Fool my mind into working out harder and smarter and make me a healthier person…I dare you! Pardon me while I go back to exploring the world on my stationary bike.