TV vs. Films What is superior now?

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By Nicole Iuzzolino

In a society today that is stockfull of tablets, laptops, and iPhone’s, the opportunities to watch a tv show or a film are endless. Streaming platforms
such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, provide endless shows and movies as well, which fulfills every genre. To make it even better, these platforms also provide a variety of original content that has never before been seen on TV. These originals have gained massive followings such as Orange is the New Black from Netflix, The Handmaid’s Tale from Hulu, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Amazon Prime. However, all of these popular originals have something in common; they are TV shows. The Guardian explains that movies actually have a lot to learn from TV shows, which involves the development of characters and story telling. Because of this and many more factors, shows are simply just more popular than films.

The Guardian states that developing a storyline and a character transformation cannot be done in a 90 minute film in a memorable way. Long running shows can show a character grow into adulthood and find where they belong in the world. This allows the audience to grow a connection or ‘bond’ with the characters and continue to follow them throughout the seasons. These characters can create a following for the show alone. Another big reason for TV shows being more popular than movies is that the plots do not have to simple. Films generally are watched for entertainment, and for an intricate storyline, leaving the movie to have to be somewhat simple and understandable for an hour and a half. Shows, whether on tv or a streaming service can create an intense storyline, as the directors know that it will be able to span out for multiple seasons to develop clearly. The storylines in each of these shows as well, are geared towards a certain audience, allowing an intricate storyline for every kind of genre and for every kind of individual.

Finally, one of the best things about watching a TV show is the anticipation, even after the episode is over. It keeps people talking. When Pretty Little Liars was on the air, the main villain in the show was an individual known as ‘A’, who was in disguise for the entire duration of the show. This kept audiences guessing, and always trying to piece together the clues all season long. When watching a movie, you do not have that same anticipation when is over as you do when an episode ends. With a film ending, there is usually a complete wrap up, while an episode of your favorite show leaves you anxious for the next time it is on, as there is usually a cliffhanger. The more anticipation there is, the more it will be talked about.

Movies and films are perfect for an early Sunday morning or for a late night treat after work. However, if you are looking to fall in love with a cast and get taken on a journey for multiple seasons, it is better to start a new show rather than a 90 minute movie. Get ready to be hooked from the start and ride a rollercoaster of emotions. This rollercoaster is one purely for those cliff hanging TV shows.