The Truth About Magnetic Eyelashes

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By, Gabriella Mancuso

The makeup industry is always producing new and exciting products that any makeup-guru will love. The newest product that has everyone buzzing are Magnetic Eyelashes. Anyone who has ever attended a party or wanted to take their look to the next level has experienced the struggle of false eyelashes. Everyone has dealt with the glue getting stuck to their lashes, the falsies not lining up right and the discomfort of not being able to apply. Magnetic eyelashes have been made to answer all our prayers.
Magnetic eyelashes are in pairs. Each eye gets two lines of eyelashes, one for on top and one for beneath. To apply you are instructed to place the lines of lashes so that your real eye lashes are in between. Magnetic eyelashes have ben proven to be easier than glue-ons, and less time consuming. Although, many users have said that it takes some practice. Even though they may seem easier it takes a couple of tries to be able to consider them “not time consuming”. They are also less messy. Everyone hates the glue that comes with the usual fake eyelashes. The mess it causes and the discomfort of having it along the bridge of your eyelid is not something any make user looks forward to. Magnetic eyelashes do not include this hassle. They come free of glue, not messy at all, easy packaging and a lot cheaper. Magnetic eyelashes are a great buy for constant partygoers. They make the idea of upgrading your look not only doable but affordable.
Many companies have entered the fad. Favorites like Ardell and Glamour are now selling magnetic eyelashes as well as Revlon and 1,2 Cosmetics. You can buy them online or in stores. These time saving, non-messy look completers are what every beauty user loves and needs.