The Millstone Times’ Student of the Month, Holden Rheinhardt

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By Pam Teel

Six-year-old, Holden Rheinhardt, goes to the Millstone Township Primary School.
He loves to go to school and play with his friends. He likes going to recess and lunch, then coming home and sharing his day with his family.
His favorite subject is science. He really liked making a large volcano with his class that shot lava out.
His favorite books he likes to read are Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
His favorite television show is Sam & Cat. He doesn’t like to sing, but he loves listening to music. His favorite song is Dynamite.
His hobbies include, wrestling and learning to play the piano.
His favorite places to visit are the beach and New York City.
Holden loves camping.
Holden lives with two sisters, Ruby and Josie, and his mom and dad. Holden and Ruby love to play outside together and use their imaginations. He is also such a good big brother to baby Josie. Holden loves to help hold her, feed her change her, bathe her and most of all, make her laugh. He also loves his big dog Levi and his chickens. 
His favorite holiday is Christmas. Holden likes that his elf “Silly” still comes back. He likes getting lots of presents and he likes when there is snow in the winter for Christmas. He also likes Chanukah because he gets gifts and helps light the menorah.
His favorite sport activities are soccer and Jiu jitsu. Holden used to play soccer for Millstone, but is taking this year off. He still enjoys playing soccer in the yard. 

His favorite foods to eat are, pancakes and waffles, with Nutella. He also loves eating tomatoes.
When he grows up, Holden would love to be a farmer.
If he had one wish, it would be for a million dollars so he could by a VR headset and a Lamborghini for his dad.
Holden does a great job in school and listens to his teacher. He also loves to make people smile and laugh.
Keep up the nice work in school Holden and keep smiling!