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Are you a photo buff? Do you love taking pictures everywhere you go? Perhaps you have a favorite one that you would like to share? We want your pictures for our photo of the month section. You can send photos to the following email:

Include your name and a description of the photo. If you have a brief story that goes with it, send that too. You may send photos more than one time. If you pre- fer to send anonymously, we will leave your name out. Make sure you put “Millstone Times Photo” in the subject area when emailing or it won’t be opened.

Lotus Winnie Lee took this photo in Long Island on New Year’s Day 2020. To her this was epic; sunset, snowy owl feathers blowing in the wind, eyes opened, looking directly at her. “What a great way to start my New Year”, she stated.

Kathi Spurk from Millstone Township took this photo on 12/12/2019. The last full moon of the year and it was a great one!
Alex Ostrow from Monroe Township took this pho- to of a female harrier at Mercer Meadow in Law- rence Township, NJ. The northern harrier (Circus hudsonius) is a bird of prey. It breeds throughout the northern parts of the northern hemisphere in Canada and the northernmost USA. It migrates to more southerly areas in winter with breeding birds in more northerly areas moving to the southern- most USA, Mexico, and Central America. In milder regions in the southern U.S., they may be present all year, but the higher ground is largely deserted in winter.