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Eleven-year-old Amalya Guliyeva is in the sixth grade at the Roosevelt Public school. Amalya lives in East Windsor. Amalya likes learning new things in her classes. Her favorite subjects are math, music and art. She is
a straight A student and she has gotten the Golden President, Silver President, and Principal Awards during her last three years in school.

Her favorite book to read are books by Enid Blyton, J.Longdon., J. Vern, and C.S. Lewis.

She doesn’t watch much TV but her favorite song is “Time to say
Goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

Amalya loves singing, knitting, reading, embroidering, cooking and baking. Her favorite place to visit is Museums and Longwood Gardens. Her parents, grandparents and great grandmother are all Doctors. Amalya would like to go into some form of medicine in the future. Her favorite sports are swimming and acrobatics.

Her favorite foods to eat are fruit, mostly tropical ones like mangoes. She is a member of the Piscataway Eagles Pathfinders Club and her team earned first place on the International Pathfinder Bible Experience competition last year in Orlando, Florida.

Amalya was born in a different country- Azerbaijan. She loves to study other languages. Besides English, Almalya also speaks Rus- sian and is studying Spanish and Turkish. She also can sing in Spanish and Russian and loves to play the clarinet.

If she had but one wish, it would be to have wisdom!

Keep up the great work in school Amalya. Stay the well-rounded young lady that you are!