The Birth of the “She Shed”

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By, Pam Teel

Ok, I guess it’s only fair that us women have our own lit- tle niche to get away to, being that the men in this world have pretty much taken over our basements replicating their own ideas of what their bachelor pads would have looked like. First, they definitely would have to have a big screened TV, one that’s almost as big as the wall, with sur- round sound that makes the house literally vibrate when they’re watching their man shows. There has to be some kind of bar area, fully stocked with IPA’s and whiskey and bagged snacks for when their Neanderthal friends come to watch the football game with them. You get the picture. The Man Cave means just that! No women allowed.

As you are upstairs listening to the shrills of grown men yelling at a metal screen on the wall, your secretly wishing that you could escape to somewhere else, and since a trop- ical island is too much of a stretch, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own retreat, a place to call your own?

Over the past few years, women have taken revenge, don- ning the basement and even the house for their own kind of peace of mind, “THE SHE SHED.” With 16 percent of women aged 18-44 reporting feeling very tired or exhaust- ed most days and 37 percent saying they feel tense and stressed out at work, it’s no wonder the SHE Shed has tak- en hold.

I have to admit, I always had my She Shed outside. It was a place where I kept all of my garden supplies. It had a bench and a stool, and I could pot plants in it. It was pretty cool but I would never consider putting a couch in it and hanging out any longer than I needed to. Too many daddy long legs kind of spoiled it for me. But our She Sheds of the past where nothing like the ones out there now. The She Shed idea has taken root. There are even designers and kits available to build a women’s perfect escape without having to step off her own property. Nowadays you can easily purchase a large shed from the Amish, Home Depot, Lowes, or elsewhere and have it delivered and put up anywhere you want to. You can even purchase a kit to build a new one yourself. There are many kits available online. Home Depot also carries the kits in all sizes shapes and color.

These hot outdoor rooms, created from storage and garden sheds, are cropping up in backyards everywhere providing stylish havens that offer privacy, a place to get your thoughts together without husbands or demanding children underfoot, and a chance to create your own space. It’s a cozy little place for ladies to call their own, whether it is for gardening, arts and crafts, home offices, or just somewhere to curl up with a good book. It’s your space, so use your imagination.

Rule number one, if you have an old shed on your property, you need to claim it as your own and clean it out! No tools or lawnmowers allowed or extra space for your husband to put his motorcycle. There simply is no sharing!!!!!

The point of a she shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that’s important to you; even if it means just a place to gather your thoughts! If you’re not an avid crafter or gardener, your She Shed can simply be used as a quaint place to hang out. You can search flea markets for unique finds for both inside and out. It’s about creating a space for you the feels relaxed and cozy.

For an even more tranquil area, surround yourself with nature. Decorate the outside as well as the inside. Plant some tress nearby. Hang some bird feeders. Plant some flowers around the shed. Create an inviting entryway, whether it be a quaint little mulched pathway or a more elaborate pattern of bricks. Some people even go to the extremes to put in electrical outlets, especially those being used for home offices. This way you can add a small fridge in there too.

There are no rules when it comes to creating the perfect she shed—it’s all about you being you. If you need help designing one, there are many websites out there with interesting tidbits on creating a She Shed and designing its purpose of use catering to your needs!!

Have fun and relax!