The Benefits of Carrot Oil

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By Pam Teel

Carrot oil is procured from carrots grated and boiled in regular oil. Carrot seed oil is extracted through steam distillation from the dried seeds of carrot. Carrot oil is very effective for the human body owing to its antibacterial and healing powers. Carrot oil is capable of hydrating dry skin, scalp, and hair and can be used alone or with a carrier oil.

Carrot seed oil is used as a lubricant for the outermost layer of the human skin. This oil is capable of infusing into the skin to restore the lost moisture, which happens due to evaporation. It forms a protective coating on the skin and hair helping them to retain their natural moisture levels. Carrot oil is also used in many commercial moisturizers. Carrot oil helps in softening the skin tissues. It is highly beneficial for the treatment of skin eczema and other skin problems.

Carrot oil infuses moisture and provides essential antioxidants to the skin, when applied topically. Both, carrot root carrier oil and carrot seed oil have beneficial properties. Both the oils help in soothing the dry or irritated skin and help in cell-regeneration like soothing wrinkles and stretch marks. Using a lot of carrot oil as a topical application can give you an orangish hue on your skin and that is why the commercial products contain carrot oil in small proportions only.

To procure carrot oil, the common carrot, scientifically known as Daucas Carota is used. The dried seeds of carrots are steam distilled to extract the oil. Carrot root oil is extracted from the carrot plant’s fresh roots. Both are used in skin care and hair care.

Carrot essential oil is not fatty oil like canola or olive oil. It is instead, a very concentrated liquid containing fragrant properties and the therapeutic goodness of the carrot plant including its leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems. Skincare formulas instruct us to use carrot oil only in small drops rather than adding them in ounces because they are highly potent. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins and a very effective moisturizer. It can be used as an all-purpose skin cream that helps in soothing wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, and swelling. It is typically dark yellow in color and carries a rich fragrance of earth and wood.

The carrot carrier oil is used in larger proportions than essential oils. Carrot root carrier oil is a superb moisturizing base for dry skin prod- ucts. This carrier oil contains beta-carotene, vitamin A, and other essential minerals. It has a reddish hue and is very fragrant. It is generally blended with milder products like olive oil or other such oils when used in skin care products.

When blended with other oils, carrot root oil should not be added more than 20% to the other carrier oil. The ratio of carrot root oil to carrier oil should be 20:80. Even carrot seed oil works best when blended with other oils.

The general benefits of carrot oil for the human body:

Antifungal properties- Carrot oil has strong antifungal properties owing to the presence of carotene sesquiterpenes carotol, daucol and beta caryophyleine.

Skin Anti-oxidant-Carrot oil contains high levels of vitamin A, powerful antioxidants and carotenoids. It also has high levels of tocopherol which is a fat-soluble Vitamin E. The anti-oxidants present in carrot oil protect the skin and promote skin healing with the help of skin regen- eration. It stimulates the skin cells and is also used in many skin creams due to its rejuvenating properties.

Perfume Ingredient-Carrot seed oil is very concentrated and has a naturally sweet scent. It is used as a combination with other scents and highly used as an essential oil in aromatherapy products. It is also used in the manufacturing of various perfumes.

Nutriceutical Plant- Carrot oil is known as a strong nutriceutical product owing to its various medical and health benefits. It is helpful in healing the body and protecting it against various diseases. Carrot oil is power-packed with vitamins C, A and E. All these are essential vita- mins which protect the body from illnesses. Carrot oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is used to treat orchitis, which is a type of swelling and inflammation in the testes.

Carrot oil is a powerhouse of vitamins A and E which are highly beneficial for the hair. These vitamins help in hair growth and they are also helpful in preventing hair loss. Regular use of carrot oil helps in strengthening the hair and makes it shinier. Carrot oil is an excellent moistur- izer for the skin and hair. It Helps in promoting hair growth, renders the hair smooth, shiny and soft, stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and hair roots, protects the hair against environmental damage such as sunlight, pollution, etc. In order to get the maximum benefits from carrot oil in the hair, a hair mask can be made.

Carrotoilhasplentyofbenefitsfortheskinsuchasskinlightening,skinrejuvenationandpreventionofwrinkles. Itisusedintheformulation of many skin care products. Carrot oil is very beneficial for adding moisture to the skin and gives antioxidant protection. Both carrot seed oil and carrot root oil is helpful in preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. Carrot oil is loaded with nutrients which heal the skin and prevent the skin from further damage.

Although highly beneficial, there is some caution to be followed while using carrot oil. Carrot oil should be avoided by pregnant women. It is not good for the health of the child and the mother both. People suffering from asthma or epilepsy should also avoid using carrot oil. Over usage of carrot oil has shown some case of headaches and vomiting and hence one must avoid over usage. Always apply carrot seed oil on your skin after mixing it with carrier oil as this oil alone can give an orangish hue to your skin. Do not go out in the sun after application of carrot seed oil or cover up your body if you must go out. Also, do a skin patch test before applying carrot oil all over your body to check for any possible irritations.

There are plenty of companies selling carrot oil these days, just look on Amazon. While some of them manufacture carrot oil in a pure and organic way, there are some which sell chemical-induced carrot oil. Organic carrot oil will have a natural scent and earthy flavor. With just a few days of regular use, you will know the difference in your skin, and hair.