Taking Your New Pet Home

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By Stephanie Maglio

Here are some helpful tips that will keep kids safe and help both your family and your new pet adjust:

  1. Take your pet for a checkup as soon as possible. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a breeder, shelter, or pet store should allow you to have an animal examined and returned within an agreed-upon time if it’s unhealthy. Read the fine print on any pet-purchase contracts to make sure.
  2. Teach kids how to handle and pick up pets — to never squeeze them too tight, drop them, fall on them, or pick them up too fast.
  3. Teach kids never to tease animals or pull their tails or ears.
  4. Teach kids never to bother animals while they’re eating, sleeping, or tending to their young.
  5. Teach kids never to take a toy or bone away from a dog.
  6. Teach kids never to pet or try to play with an animal they don’t know, even if it’s someone’s family pet.
  7. Closely supervise pets and kids. Never leave an infant or toddler alone with a pet.
  8. Don’t put pets into scary situations. For example, if you know your cat gets nervous around too many people, then put the kitty in an- other room during parties.
  9. Teach kids to wash their hands with soap and water after handling pets.
  10. Don’t keep undomesticated animals as house pets.

Pet ownership has many benefits and doing a little research before taking the plunge will help make your new pet a welcome addition to the family.