Student of the Month

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By, Pam Teel

The Millstone Times January 2019

Ten-year-old Selene LaBrocca is in the fifth grade at SciCore Academy. Se- lene lives in Jackson. She thinks school is interesting because she likes to learn about geography, history, math, science and English. The teachers at her school are very good at explaining things and answering all her ques- tions.

She also likes to see her friends in school. They are fun to play with and they make her laugh when she is sad. Selene also likes the fact that she and her friends help each other out by studying and doing homework together.
Her favorite subject is Phys. Ed. because she likes to play games and run around. Art is also another favorite subject because she can be creative. She likes painting and drawing. Selene also likes her shop class because she gets to build things with wood.

Selene gets good grades in school and works hard in all of her classes.
Her favorite books she likes to read are Candyshop Wars and Fablehaven. Her favorite television show is Troll hunters and Miraculous.
Her favorite song is Blue by Eiffel 65.
Her hobbies include, Tae Kwon, cooking, reading, playing the piano, and singing.
Selene’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She likes to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas songs. She also likes to open presents.

Her favorite sports and activities are- camping and rollerblading, choir, Scouts, yoga and dance. Her favorite food to eat is cheese. She enjoys cheese because of all the different flavors.

Her favorite place to visit is Florida. She likes the hot weather and the amusement parks. She also loves Hawaii because of all the sites and things to see. She ate at a roof top restaurant with an amazing view and saw a beautiful waterfall from her hotel. Selene has a lot of fun with her family. They play a lot of games and share a lot of hugs. She and her mom go on mushroom forays where they try to find and identify different types of mushrooms. Selene would love to become a baker in her own shop and bake beautiful cakes. If she had but one wish, she would wish for more wishes.

Selene is a very uplifting and personable girl with a very big heart. She is very respectful and tries hard to do her best in everything that she does. Keep up the good work in school Selene. Stay as sweet and loving as you are. You are truly a very special young lady!!!!!

***Attention Allentown, Hightstown, East Windsor, Millstone, Etc, if you have a child that you feel deserves a shout out for Student of the Month please email me at: and I’ll send you a form. Your child doesn’t have to get straight A’s but does have to show a genuine love for learning. ***