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By, Lauren Kolacki

If an unforeseen circumstance arose would you be financially secure? If an economic depression hit or a natural disaster occurred, would you have a backup plan? Mark Evans, Executive Director for Stream, can finally say he would be prepared, but his situation hasn’t always been that way.

For twelve years Mark worked as a Computer Programmer/Analyst at Burlington County College in New Jersey. He wrote programs that expedited the efficiency in which the college was run. These programs contributed to the administrative side of the College. Registration, Admissions, Financial Aid, Accounting, Payroll, Community Service and all departments that made the college run were his responsibility. Mark’s contribution was in demand; however, something didn’t feel right. He dreaded going to work and he despised the lack of flexibility in his schedule. He knew it was time for a change.
In 1997, Mark began his own Computer Consulting business where he worked out of his home. He went out and recruited his own clients, who he would write programs that would adhere to their needs. It wasn’t long before he realized this wasn’t going to be as profitable as necessary, resulting in a decision to shift gears.
Mark became aware of how lucrative the wireless business was after he wrote a book keeping software for an AT&T wireless store in Cherry Hill. After becoming familiar with this field, Mark opened his first Verizon Wireless franchise store called Wireless Zone in this area. He proceeded to open two more, resulting in three locations, one in New Jersey and two in Pennsylvania. He found much success in this business until the early 2000’s when “family plans” came about. The family plan was a deal that
Verizon developed, where the customer would receive a free phone with the purchase of a phone. Verizon paid Mark $175 for each phone “given away”, however, he was paying $225 for each one of those. In order to compensate for the money being lost, Mark started selling a third-party phone insurance in his stores. This plan was very profitable and sustained them for the time being.
In early 2003, Mark was in Buzz’s Tavern in Mount Holly when he was informed of a potential sale of the establishment. Ever since Mark was in High School, he longed of owning a restaurant. As he sat there, listening, he knew this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. He sold his franchise stores and decided to go into business with a really close friend despite what he heard about going into business with a really close friend. After three months, they no longer got along. Mark became the Managing Partner, while his friend became the Silent Partner. Within the next three years, the Tavern tripled the revenue.
Buzz’s Tavern was a fun joint with live music and a friendly crowd. In 2006, they had a business consultant come in to assess the establishment and deter- mine how much it was worth. After that visit, Mark was experiencing such success that he decided to buy his partner out. In 2008, when the economy fell apart, so did Buzz’s Tavern. Mark did everything he could to keep his head above water. He held on for as long as he could, but options quickly dwindled, and he ultimately had to close the doors to the restaurant in November 2011.
Mark was 52 years old, flat broke, scared to death and didn’t know what to do. In December of 2011, as he sat in his apartment above the restaurant, with all of the utilities shut off, he realized his childhood nightmare of being old and broke was coming true.
After a month of living with unfamiliar hopelessness and fear, one of the regulars from Buzz’s Tavern came to inform Mark about a plan that would change his life. That was the day Mark was introduced to Stream. It was only $329 to get started back then (now it is only $199), but even that seemed like a stretch. Mark sold the stove out of the restaurant on Craigslist for $400. He took that money and went to Walgreens to purchase a Visa gift card, because all of his bank accounts had been closed. Stream made so much sense to him and he got started in early January of 2012.
Mark didn’t have his usual, stable and ambitious state of mind, considering his last couple years. He had a difficult time convincing people to go into business with him, even his friends wouldn’t join because he was a mess. After 9 months of struggling, he finally began to get the hang of it. Following his one-year mark, he became a Manager Director and within 3 more months he earned the position of Senior Director.
Mark is now one of 200 Executive Directors out of the hundreds of thousands of people involved with Stream. He has over 700 people on his team. Ev- eryone is involved for the same reason, they want to help people and they want to make money. In turn, when the people on his team make money, Mark also makes money.
In 2005 Stream was the first Network Marketing Company to marry Life Essential Services with Relationship Marketing. Mark compares Stream’s busi- ness model to many other companies that are household names. Avon, Mary K, Tupperware, Pampered Chef all use the same business model except for a very important difference, you aren’t selling product, and you are helping people save on services they pay for every month. Stream’s goal is to save you money.
Stream is a Wireless Company and a Third-Party Energy Provider. They also have Protective and Home Services. Stream Independent Associates help Residential and Commercial customers take a discount on their Electric and Gas and on their Wireless phone service. Stream’s Virtual MD delivers the care you need when you need it most from U.S. Board Certified doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No stress, no co pays, no more wasting time in a waiting room. Just quality healthcare, made easy. Stream offers home services that adapt to fit your lifestyle, keeping you connected to your home, wherever you are.
Mark is always looking to help people start their own home business. If you are looking to learn more, you can call him directly: (609) 200-0573. He also does a weekly Informational Presentation on how to start your own Home Business every Monday, 7PM at Dadz Bar and Grill in Lumberton, NJ. People come to see how they can save and/or make money. In addition to that presentation, there is one at Surf Taco in Jackson, NJ every other Tuesday night. Mark explains the se- curity he feels working with this company and all the other benefits that accompany that and how you can benefit as well. Mark also has no problem coming and meeting you for a cup of coffee to show you everything starting a Home business can provide for you and your family!!