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Q: I often feel that I would rather live with back pain than have “SURGERY”. Why should I consider having an endoscopic “PROCEDURE” instead?

A”: The decision of whether or not to have spine surgery can be very stressful. Today, due to advances in endoscopic spine, there are excellent alternatives to traditional, open back surgery.
Patients come to the Spine Institute of North America to discuss their options. They are often happy to learn that we can relieve their pain with minimal risk and with excellent outcomes. We use state-of- the-art, endoscopic techniques that are much less invasive than traditional open back surgery. Most of our patients walk out the same day and are back to work the next.

Q: What is an Endoscopic Discectomy? (Also known as a “Laser Procedure”)

A: The word endoscopy refers to a physician’s use of an endoscope, a small, flexible tube with a light to look inside of your body. It is the least invasive way to treat disc problems and takes about an hour. Ultimately, the patient is left with a 1⁄4 inch scar but a lifetime of pain relief.
Recent studies have proven that endoscopic spine procedures are a safe and effective way to treat various spinal conditions such as disc herniations, spinal stenosis, failed back surgery syndrome, as well as other neck and back conditions.
If your neck or back pain is preventing you from participating in your daily activities, we encourage you to consider an endoscopic procedure as a possible option.