Secrets to Space Saving

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By: Nicole Iuzzolino

There always comes a time when our once nicely organized closet becomes stuffed with new purchases and impulse buys. Sometimes it becomes so cramped that it is impossible to even find anything in it. Here are the top five tricks to getting your closet clean and organized again.

1: The Clothing Purge

While it may break your heart to give away the sweatshirt you got three years ago when you were on a trip to Disney World, some things just have to be done. The fact of the matter is, if you do not have space, things must go. Make piles of clothing; a pile of things that you are definitely keeping, a pile for donation, and a pile for trash. This is the first step to saving lots of space in your closet.

2: Hanger Trick

This trick has been around forever and has taken over pinterest. However it still is a great hack and is perfect for freeing up space in a cramped closet. Hang a soda can tab on a hanger to hang more than one grommet together. All you have to do is take up the tab, put one of the holes through the hook that will hang on the closet rod, and the other hole can hang another hanger. You will be able to put double the clothes in your closet with this one.

3: The Floor

The floor is the perfect place to store other clothing items. Group your short hanging items all on one side, and put the long hanging items on the other side. Under the short hanging items, there is plenty of space to store more things. Add a shoe rack to keep all your shoes stored and organized.

4: The Door

When organizing your clothes, you should never forget the door. You can add hooks, and hanging shoe organizing, or line it with cork board to hang jewelry. The door is a great way to organizing any accessories you have.

5: Baskets and Umbrella Stands

Even after organizing all of our clothes, there are always some odds and ends to be put away. You may have items such as small umbrellas, yoga mats, and beach towels that do not have a home. By using a basket or an umbrella stand in particular, you will be able to secure a home for all these items.