Scale Stepping

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By Lauren Kolacki

As a woman, society creates this envision of who we should or should not be. They expect us to look, act and work in a certain way and beat us down for not complying. One thing the media really emphasizes is the way a woman’s body should look. From magazine covers and social media to reality shows and music, a tiny waste and big assets are portrayed and encouraged.
Despite what society tells us, looking like a model should not be the goal. A priority would be to get healthy and fit and let the rest follow. A major problem with attempting to lose weight is the idea of stepping on the scale. Undoubtedly, people want to step on the scale and see the number drop, but it is not always as simple as that. Below is a list of reasons the number on the scale should not define your success.
1. Your happiness hinges on a number
2. Hormonal changes can lead to fluid stored
3. An unsuccessful weigh-in can cause you to make drastic unhealthy changes to your diet
4. Beginning to exercise may cause us to accumulate fluid
5. Eating meat before a weigh in can cause the number on the scale to be higher due to the extra time it takes for your body digest.
6. Muscle building
Instead of stepping on a scale, here are some other, healthier, techniques to measure your progress:
• Have your thoughts regarding food changed?
• Mood
• Sleep
• Energy Level