Rob’s Loaded Bases Sports Cards For the Sports Collector in You!

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By Pam Teel

Robert DeSalvatore has been collecting sports cards since he was seven years old. At twelve he had his first show, where he set up his own booth to sell cards. Robert already has a full time job, but he has been in the hobby of collecting and selling cards for over 40 years.

On March 12th, Robert decided to take his hobby a little further. He opened up his own store in Manalapan. It’s called, Rob’s Loaded Bases. With total backing from his wife Deana, the two have found this to be a great experience for their family. They specialize in buying and selling sports cards and Pokemon cards.

Whether you collect baseball, football, basketball, or Hockey cards, Rob has a great selection to pick through. He also buys and sells Pokémon cards. Rob loves helping new collectors learn all about the hobby of collecting.
Each month, at the store, there is a free giveaway if you make a purchase, even a small purchase will put you in the running for a gift valued anywhere from $20 to $150.00.

Just six months in, the store already has a steady flow of repeat customers. Whether an adult or a child, Rob enjoys talking to his customers and helping them find what they are looking for. He is very happy to see customers returning back to some sense of normal after the Covid pandemic.

If you are a collector, or just want to come in and browse, the store is conveniently located at 333, Route 33, Manalapan. (Next to the Jake’s Cree-mee freeze) There is quite a selection to look through.
The store is open six days a week. Follow Rob on Instagram.