Robo Callers

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By, Lauren Kolacki

The more popular technology becomes, the easier it is for scammers and telemarketers to gain information about you. Do you ever wonder how they get your number and more importantly, how to make it stop?
1. You overshare your number- every time you sign up for a survey, giveaway, registration, etc. your number be- comes available.
2. You accept Terms of Use without reading or under- standing them- apps and games get hold of your in- formation and if you’re not reading the terms, who’s telling what they can do with that.
3. Internet has killed privacy- You wouldn’t believe the amount of information about you and your family that is surfacing the internet, once it’s out there, its free rein.
4. Technology- automated systems could be controlled by a computer that creates as many possible phone number combinations
5. Automatic Number Identification- any time you call an 800 number, your number is then saved into the system
6. The credit bureaus- every time you sign up for a store credit card your information becomes available
7. Charities- charities hire telemarketers to collect funds on their behalf. Not only do the telemarketers keep a percentage of what you donate but they also then have your phone number and information for future
As society becomes more hi tech it is necessary for you to become more aware of where and who you are leaving your personal information with.
• Be sure to read the terms and conditions you’re agreeing with
• Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry on its website or by calling 1-888-382-1222
• Block telemarketers’ numbers as they call you
• Many carriers provide a service that identifies scam callers
Don’t let them aware that you are human, they can pick up information from just a simple “hello”