Risky Slips & Falls in the Bathtub Should be Avoided Before an ER visit, Not After

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We hear this almost every day, “I’m getting out of rehab because I fell in the tub and need something to be done! This is a phone call we don’t want to make ourselves or have one of our siblings make for us. The “should have” or “could have” conversation will certainly start. Solve the problem before the accident and months of rehab! Please, if you or loved one are having some difficulty climbing in and out of the tub, now is the time for that conversation! At ODB we specialize in affordable solutions to these problems. We offer two affordable ways to clear the way for a simple walk in shower. Bathrooms are a dangerous place because of unforgiving slippery surfaces, or because the height of a traditional tub is difficult to climb over. At One Day Bath, we ask: Why walk over your tub when you can walk through it? 

One Day Bath offers two convenient and budget-friendly options for revitalizing your bathroom, completely with your safety in mind: The TubcuT®, which actually modifies your existing tub into a walk-in shower. There’s no ripping out, no mess, no demo, no plumbing or high expense. We simply modify your tub to become a walk in shower by cutting out the front of the tub. This custom process is done in just a half day and will give you the same walk in access as a typical shower pan! Saving you thousands compared to a tub removal or fitter type of job. We convert your tub to a shower pan! When completed,its seamless factory appearance looks as if your tub was meant to walk through and not over. The width you walk through is also custom from 18″ to as wide as 45″ opening. A simple shower curtain or even shower doors can be used to prevent water back splash. Pricing is simple; you can just call and get a price right over the phone – no pushy sales people or anyone trying to sell you anything. You need or you don’t …period. 

OPTION # 2: Traditional walk in shower. If you’re ready for a bigger change we can renovate the shower area, remove your tub and install a new shower pan, change the plumbing and do a beautiful surround in Acrylic or tile. These jobs take about 1 – 2 days to complete. You can choose from a barrier free (roll in) shower pan or a traditional 4” step in shower pan, and you can compliment that with shower doors or a shower curtain. Best of all, no hardcore sale pitches, videos or sitting there hoping the guy will just take no for an answer. We have a simple model we go by: there is no selling – you need or you don’t. We are not there to try to convince you or offer you a better deal every time you say no. We give you the best price we can upfront with no games,gimmicks or “free vacations”.

“We love what we do, and it shows. We solve serious issues that effect every family, and we are happy to do it at a price most can afford. We do work with The VA and many organizations that help pay for these alterations, in some cases, in order to help you stay in your home longer. Feel free to ask us for some advice.”