Professional Minecraft Builder

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CJ Timmoneri is a current senior school at Allentown High School in Allentown, New Jersey. He makes money from playing the popular video game Minecraft. What started out at the age of nine as a fun pastime and a game to play with friends has turned into a paying job. He creates various game design, educational and media projects by building inside of Minecraft, using the various blocks the game is known for.
Using Minecraft as a digital art and 3D modeling platform, he has worked with museums, corporations and film studios to produce a variety of unique Minecraft worlds. He has used Minecraft to connect with people of all ages, from making interactive museum exhibits and even recreating his Grandfather’s town in Italy within Minecraft. Now at the age of 16, he has earned almost 20 thousand dollars by being a professional Minecraft builder. Below are some of his projects, including both personal and commercial works. You can find more information about his work within Minecraft on his personal website and Twitter found below.

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