Paying it Forward

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By Pam Teel

Real Estate agent Heather Smith loves her job. She’s been at it for over twenty-five years, in Palm Beach County, Florida. What separates her from other agents is that she used to run a title company, giving her a real estate/title background that most other realtors don’t have. Heather loves to work with people and loves it even more when she can find them the perfect home or help them sell their home and move onto their next chapter. Something even more rewarding to her is that with every transaction, she gives a percentage of her commission check to local non-profit rescues that directly help the animals in her county.

Her local shelter, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control takes in every animal that comes to them and they are always in need of treats, toys, and volunteers. Heather not only donates part of her commission, but also helps physically by volunteering to take the dogs for walks and helping in any other way needed. Currently there are approximately 180 dogs in the shelter, most of which are healthy and available for adoption. Though the shelter is located in Florida, the adoptions are open to all states.
If you’re looking to relocate or perhaps buy a second house in Florida, why not give the business to someone who will pay it forward. With lower income tax, lower tax brackets, more inventory, and now a more balanced market, (no more price gauging) now is the time to buy.

Looking to adopt a pet and help reduce the number of animals in the PBC shelter, go to: look under how to adopt a pet.