Night Time vs. Morning Shower

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By, Lauren Kolacki

People have been having the night time versus morning showers debate for years upon years with the base of their argument solely relying on their personal preference. Re- search has shown that there is science behind whether you should shower at night or in the morning.
For those who shower in the morning, they usually rely on this to wake them up to jump start their day. Studies show that this could boost alertness, creativity and is a great start to the day. Humans tend to perspire at night, there- fore, a shower in the morning washes off sweat and bacteria.
Many dermatologist recommend showering at night to wash the day off your body and face. Especially in the summer and spring months, sweat and allergens like pollen tend to buildup on our skin. Showering at night also is great for a good night sleep. The body naturally cools down as bed time approaches in sync with our circadian rhythm, a shower raises the temperature again and allows for a faster cool down. This is a great way to unwind and release mus- cle tension.
Although not the best solution to this debate, some sug- gest showering twice a day. In the morning, to wake you up, and in the evening, to wash all the bacteria you picked up throughout the day. It is important that no matter when you shower, the water is never too hot, this takes the oil off your skin and can cause irritation. Make sure you are not washing your hair every time you shower, hair is made of dead skin cells, therefore, it just doesn’t need as much wash- ing as the rest of our skin. Washing it too often can dry it out.