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Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence Awards $30,285.15 in Grants to Millstone Township Schools

Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) awarded five grants today, totaling $30,285.15, to Millstone Township Schools. All grants will be implemented in the fall. Since 2002, MTFEE has awarded more than $560,000 to its schools. Following is a listing of the grant awards and recipients:
Introduction of Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener ($9,356.41) (Eleanor Czysz, primary school nurse; Lori Blazier, elementary school nurse; Marianne Disick, middle school nurse) – The grant consists of a Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener, which will be used by all schools in the district. It will assist the nurses in providing students with a more comprehensive vision evaluation and enable them to make an objective assessment that will instantly detect major vision problems. Research shows that 80 percent of visual impairments can be prevented or cured, when identified and treated early. At present, all students receive vision screening as per NJ School Health Service Guidelines and may be subjective due to multiple variables.
Traverse Rock Climbing Wall ($8,292) (Evan Norwood, primary school physical education teacher) – The grant consists of a Traverse Rock Climbing Wall, which will be installed in the primary school gymnasium. It will benefit students by giving them an opportunity to improve muscular strength, car- diovascular endurance, fine and gross motor skill development, balance, coordination, and flexibility. The cognitive values include incorporating math and literacy into climbing activities, problem solving, decision making, focus and concentration.
Programmable Robotics Kits for STEAM ($4,943.40) (Erik Wall, middle school related arts teacher) – The grant consists of LEGO programmable Ro- botics Kits, to enhance the middle school Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum. The program, which is a three- year progression, will empower students to utilize an engaging and proven technology platform to develop and improve coding, design and analysis skills. It also will better integrate core science and mathematics concepts into the STEAM experience.
Math Lab: Making Math Fun Again ($4,828.79) (Lisa Murin, math coach for primary and elementary schools) – The grant consists of two math labs – in the primary and elementary schools – for K-5 students, which will create spaces to allow learning through play. Students and teachers will have access to manipulatives and lessons that are rich in real-world application and go beyond the lessons found within the program used in classrooms. Students in lab will have the use of water tables, cooking lessons, scales, measuring tapes and more to enhance their personal experience.
STEAM Makerspace ($2,864.88) (Nicole Meyrick, third grade teacher and Meghan Olah, third grade teacher) – The grant consists of a LEGO wall to provide opportunities for students to engage in a creative, imaginative and playful atmosphere, which will allow learning to unfold, rather than conform to set tasks. In addition, there will be two Brick Labs, which will contain 200 hands-on activities to enhance and support the STEAM curriculum. The grant will be used as a STEAM Lab, Makerspace for hands-on science, math and STEAM lessons, as well as for the gifted and talented program.