Millstone Township Kindergarteners Learn about Animals and Life Cycles

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In April, the kindergarten students at the Millstone Primary School had an amazing experience. To comple- ment their instruction on animals and their life cycles, the team from Noah’s Ark in Millstone, came with their visiting pet zoo. Kim Mooney, owner of Noah’s Ark, gen- erously donated her time and animals to support what the students were learning about in the classroom.
The kindergarteners were able to hold chickens, brush sheep and pigs, and so much more. The team from No- ah’s Ark spent all day at the Millstone Primary School setting up their pens early in the morning and breaking them down at the end of the school day. “The excitement on the students faces was overwhelming and one that they will always remember,” stated Special Education teacher Christine Angellella.
By Pam Teel
Moonbeam Farm in Millstone Township is home to Noah’s Ark Critter Care and Petting Zoo. They are a small hobby farm providing small animal ser- vices to Millstone, East Windsor, Hightstown, and the surrounding area. They feature a traveling petting zoo and animals for hire for a variety of events. Guided by their Christian values, their mission is to be a blessing to others as they share the beauty and uniqueness of each of God’s living creatures. Visit their website for more info at: