Looking for the value of your home?

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Here are some fabulous online tools you can use to help you estimate the value of your home.

Zillow: This is the pioneer of the home value estimating tool, and the company continues to refine how it arrives at its Zestimates. Redfin: This tool shows you photos and listing information for the exact comps

used to arrive at the value of your home.

eppraisal.com: This site uses data from public records and lists homes sold recently nearby.

Bank of America: This tool shows comparable neighboring sales on a map. It provides only a range of values, not a single number.

Chase: This tool allows you to change the information about the house to arrive at a more precise estimate, plus provides information on recently sold homes and neighborhood trends. You can also use it to estimate the value of improvements you’re considering.

realtor.com: The My Home tool allows you to track a variety of information
about your property, including the home value, displayed to you as a graph to see its progress over time.

ForSaleByOwner.com: This site’s Pricing Scout tool gives you the average of a regression analysis and a comparative market analysis to estimate the worth of your home. It also shows recent sales of comparable properties on a map. You have to register to use it.
(Not all the online tools had the same data for the same home.)