Local NJ Author Releases Debut Novel, Achieves Bestselling e-Book Status

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Brianna R. Shaffery, a New Jersey native, published her debut young adult fantasy novel Fire & Flight earlier this summer on July 19th, and quickly climbed Amazon’s bestselling charts to #1 in five free e-book categories. Fire & Flight is currently available for purchase through Amazon as an e-book, paperback, and hardcover. The first in her epic fantasy trilogy the Heirs of Tenebris, Fire & Flight follows main characters seventeen-year-old Nyla and nineteen-year-old Xander in an adventure of magic, self-discovery, and secrecy.

“Fire & Flight is intended for young adults,” Shaffery says, “but I’m finding there’s an appeal to it that transcends age. I’ve always considered this novel to be about the journey—you know, the personal journeys of my characters—more so than the destination.” As the story unfolds, readers are treated to the revelations and development in real time, just as her characters work to unravel the mysteries and secret history thrust upon them by their quest—and Nyla’s newfound magic.

Shaffery explains that there aren’t many works on the market right now, specifically intended for young adults or in the new adult age category that delve into character development quite like Fire & Flight. “My characters drive this story, and it was important to me that my audience could connect to them, their individual stories, and their struggles, no matter their age. I want people to be able to feel or gain something from this book, but most of all I want people to find a home in the world I created, and become familiar with Tenebris in a way that welcomes them every time they engage with the Heirs of Tenebris trilogy.”

Readers of Fire & Flight follow Nyla and Xander’s journey through the perilous Shadow Forest, a place marked by myth and legend in the fantastical land of Tenebris, as the pair set out to obtain their greatest desires by drinking from Fortune Falls. But can Fortune Falls give them what they truly desire? Having longed for a home for so long, Nyla is willing to risk everything when she meets Xander on her way to Fortune Falls. Quickly learning that there’s safety in numbers, the pair realize they’re both traveling to the mystical waters situated in the heart of the haunted forest and decide to see their quests through together.

Brianna R. Shaffery is a debut independent author celebrating her first book launch with Fire & Flight and the beginning of her new YA fantasy trilogy. Already looking toward the publication of Fire & Flight’s sequel, Shaffery is hoping readers won’t have to wait long to pick up Nyla’s and Xander’s journeys with an expected publication to be announced this year. Fire & Flight is currently available via Amazon with more details about the world of Tenebris found at brswrites.com, where you can sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch and gain exclusive access to Fire & Flight’s free companion guide for more insights into the setting, creatures, and world of Fire & Flight.