Lemonade Stand

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By, Lauren Kolacki

It is not every day that adolescences recognize the importance of contributing their time and energy to an entity other than themselves. That is not the case for thirteen-year-old, Emma Lisnow. Emma has always been dedicated to giving back; in fact, she was six years old the first time she donated her hair to Locks of Love. Since then she has donated to the foundation three additional times.

This fall, Emma was hanging out with a few of her girlfriends when they decided they were going to host a lemonade stand. Her parents were in favor, however, they requested that the proceeds were to be donated. Without hesitation, Emma agreed and instantaneously suggested St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

The girls created their stand and stood outside, even when it began to rain. They collected $2 donations, reciprocating refreshing lemonade. After a day of hard work, they were able to proudly donate $70 to St. Jude. Because of their successful day, Emma’s mother, Anita, posted the story on the Millstone Community forum on Facebook. Witnessing all the positive feedback that flooded Anita’s comments, Emma was determined to have another lemonade stand. Through multiple social media platforms, the date was decided, and the lemonade stand was advertised, even the Mayor of Millstone was set to make an appearance.

On October 13, Emma and her father, Jeff, stood on the corner of Ella Drive and Olde Noah Hunt Rd. in Millstone, NJ. For five hours they served lemonade, as they collected donation for St. Jude’s.