Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Summer can be a rough season for your electric bill. Depending on how much it’s used and how efficient your unit is, central air can cost hundreds of dollars every month. With an outrageous energy bill out of the question, how do you avoid the heat without cranking down the AC? Find tips below.

  • Switch to LED or CFL light bulbs because they put out less heat.
  • Replace flannel and other heavy sheets with cooler options like cotton or linen.
  • Close blinds and curtains during the day to prevent the sun from heating your home.
  • Run ceiling fans counterclockwise to push cool air down.
  • Put shutters, shades, or awnings on your windows to cut down on sunlight.
  • Add shade trees and trellises around the house and windows to create shade.
  • Crack open windows at night to let fresh air circulate.
  • Grill outside to cut down on stove/oven usage.
  • Change your air filter monthly to make it easier and cheaper for your AC to run.
  • Use air vents to remove hot, moist air from the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Run dishwashers, dryers, and other heat-producing appliances at night when it’s cooler.