Inside Gunther Publications: Meet Cami Gunther, Owner

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You may have read a great issue of The Family Times while looking for exciting new events to take the kids, or read an interesting health article written by a medical professional in Princeton’s Ask the Doctor. If these publications sound familiar to you, then you already know a bit about Gunther Publications!

With four print publications including The Millstone Times, The Family Times, Princeton’s Ask the Doctor and Monmouth  County’s Ask the Doctor, our company targets community resources in the local market to help capture and develop new print advertising strategies.

As one of the leading independent publishers in New Jersey, our mission is to use the pages of each of our publications and free magazines as a “voice” to connect local businesses and charities with the families in their neighborhoods. We love to make a difference in our communities.

Every month, we’ll be highlighting employees and clients of our company. You can get the latest scoop Inside Gunther Publications and learn more about what we do, why we do it and how much we love it!

In this “edition” of Inside Gunther Publications, we meet Cami Gunther, the founder and owner. We spoke to her about her philosophies on hard work, leadership and work-life balance. Read on!

Q: How did Gunther Publications come to life?
Gunther Publications was created after 15 years of experience working with small businesses and their marketing needs. My overall desire was to work for myself with a passion for helping local businesses connect and grow with the community.

Q: Give us your “elevator pitch” about Gunther Publications. How do you sell your business to potential advertisers and clients?
Gunther Publications offers the opportunity for businesses to connect with the local community. Our primary platform is print but we do so much more, from digital marketing to social media. Our philosophy is that if our client doesn’t do well, we surely don’t! We truly care about each and every client, and we love helping businesses grow and reach their audiences.

Q: What do you believe are the best qualities of a leader, and how do you use your own leadership qualities to motivate and encourage your team?
I believe the best way to lead a team and be a mentor is by example and with humility. My entire team knows I work very hard. They see me working every day, all day and night and on weekends. They also see me help and care for every single client and go above and beyond for each one. Gunther Publications encourages a work-life balance. I try to instill a very open line of communication with my team where we can all communicate honestly and with no assumptions. I feel that the team I built is like a family and we all support each other through both personal and professional struggles.

Q: What inspires you to get going and be as productive as possible every single day?
I feel motivated to work and succeed because that is really the only way I know how to function. Setting goals each day is incredibly important. I believe that a career should be something you love to do and motivates you each day. I teach my kids to work hard and just love what they do. I would rather feel tired from working hard and doing great things for the community than not using my brain and connecting with people.

Q: What are you most proud of owning this company?
I am proud of starting this company from scratch – no help, no investors. If you put your mind to something, work hard, be an honest and authentic person, anything is possible.

Q: What are your future goals for Gunther Publications?
My future goal is to expand the Gunther Publications brand to other towns and states.

Q: What is your advice for entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to move forward in their career?

My advice is nothing happens by luck. You must put the work in to get the results you want. You must believe in yourself and in your product or service and that will make you successful. You can balance it all. Work hard, play hard – that’s my motto.


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