In the Age of COVID-19, Paul Nebb is an “IT First Responder”

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Titan Technologies, LLC, located in Marlboro, NJ, is a trusted computer support and managed services for businesses throughout Central New Jersey. The company started up in 2008 and is a complete technology solution provider one hundred percent committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT. Their team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Paul Nebb, CEO of Titan Technologies LLC, is no stranger to high-pressure situations. He’s been an emergency medical technician for nearly 17 years. Nebb earned a master’s degree in law and terrorism from Farleigh Dickinson University before ultimately launching a career in IT.

Nebb, along with his clients, are facing the Covid-19 crisis head on. Nebb, having never seeing anything like this before, where people and entire companies are working from home, is making it a point to let his clients know that Titan Technologies has their backs and are there for them to navigate them through these trying times.

Nebb wants people to be aware of Coronavirus computer scams that are out there, where unfortunately some people will take advantage of these kinds of situations by trying to profit on individuals’ fears and vulnerability. While the Coronavirus Pandemic is bringing out the best in many Americans, it’s also revealing the worst in other people.
According to the FBI and Paul’s own research on this topic with his client’s, so you don’t become a victim, here is his list of the TOP 8 CORONAVIRUS COMPUTER SCAMS that are out there right now.

Emails offering cures or drugs.

There’s a lot of desperate people out there looking for cures and drugs and there are a lot of terrible people trying to scam people out of money. Don’t let that be you.

Fake Charity Request.

Most people in America are kind hearted but these scammers are terrible hearted and they are trying to get your money by presenting you with fake charity pleas.

Sick Relative Emails.

A bad actor will go on your social media, Facebook, etc. and find the names of your parents/grandparents, your kids, etc. and they send an email with their names saying, ”Nephew, I’m sick, I need money so I can get medication.” Don’t let them scam you. Be aware of this stuff.

Late Payment Notices.

This is a big phishing scam from credit cards, banks, anything- a lot of people are at risk to be falling behind on payments. Don’t click any links in those emails and don’t put in your password; instead if the email is from American Express, for example, go directly to their website.

Messages from School or Work.

Scammers go on your linkedIn. They see you work from Honeywell, and they send out emails from the company many with a subject line like, “There’s been a change” or “Updated Policies and Procedures” with an attachment- be aware of these types of emails and never open an email attachment that you are not expecting.

APP Scams.

This is straight out of the FTC warnings. Fake apps and websites offering Coronavirus Testing Kits are out there and their only goal is to trick you to putting in your sensitive information (your SSN/health insurance) or give them money. Don’t let them scam you.

Investment Scams.

Everybody’s looking at the way the stock market is going and they want to make money because you’re losing money- don’t fall prey to their scams and go back to your trusted investments advisor.

Work at Home Scams.

So many people have lost their jobs and looking to pick up some extra cash- scrutinize these opportunities and as they say, if it looks too good to be true, then it is. You would think they wouldn’t prey on people who are down and out but they do.

The big message is- BE Vigilant- Be Careful!

Places to call to report scam:

• Federal Trade Commission:
• FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:
• Unauthorized Bank/Credit Card Transactions: Call your bank as soon as you notice the suspicious activity.
• File a Police Report with your local department.

PAUL NEBB, CEO of Titan Technologies is a frequent speaker on Technology Subjects at NASDAQ, at HARVARD, at the New York City Bar Association and on TV NEWS and Talk Shows.