I had an implant placed several months ago and it came out. Why did this happen?

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Dental implants are one of the best ways of restoring missing teeth. With advanced technology, such as 3-D imaging, and decades of research, the success of implants has never been better. Unfortunately not everything in medicine is 100% and implants are no different.
So what can cause an implant to fail (or loose integration). The first cause can be residual infection. If the natural tooth in that area or adjacent area had an infection that spread into the bone, that bacteria could have not allowed the implant to properly integrate (attach) to the bone.
David P. Young, DMD, DICOI
A patient that is diabetic has reduced healing abilities in some cases as well as immune compromised patients.
A common cause for implant failure is smoking. The constriction of blood vessels secondary to smoking reduces the blood flow to the site thus diminishing the ability of the implant to properly attach to the bone.
Excess biting forces can traumatize the implant resulting in failure. A patient that clenches or grinds their teeth is constantly applying a force to the implant and eventually failure can result. A mouth guard should be made to protect the teeth and implant.
The last common cause of implant failure that I will mention is bone quality and quantity. The bone itself has to have certain characteristics and keep in mind, not every site in a patients mouth may qualify to receive an implant.
Discussing your specific situation with your implant specialist will be the best way to understand the situation. As Implantologists, we strive for success every time. We too are disappointed whenever an implant does not heal well.
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