How to Fold Clothes to Save Space

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If you are anything like me, you have way more clothes than you do space. I am always looking for a way to consolidate without it becoming a huge
unorganized mess. Fortunately, we have discovered the most efficient way to fold clothes that utilizes the least amount of space.
1. Fold in half lengthwise
2. Fold the sleeves in, across toward the center line
3. Fold in half widthwise with the sleeves tucked inside 4. Fold in half widthwise again
Turtleneck Sweater
1. Fold in half lengthwise
2. Fold sleeves over the body and fold collar down towards the sleeves 3. Fold sleeves back over themselves and turn cuffs under the sleeves 4. Fold in half widthwise bottom to top
1. Lay out the shirt, buttoned up, face down
2. Fold the sides over to the shoulders, then fold the sleeves back to make a long
3. Fold the bottom up to meet the base of the collar 4. Flip over
1. Fold in half lengthways, one leg on top of the other
2. Fold the bottom of the legs up to just below the pockets 3. Fold the knees up to the pockets
4. Fold the bottom up one more time
1. Lay the blouse on its front
2. Fold one side in across the back, then fold the sleeve down to create a straight
side and repeat
3. Fold bottom up towards the top 4. Fold top over to cover the rest
1. Hold by the shoulders, fold lengthwise and align the seams
2. Shake to remove any wrinkles, place on a flat surface and smooth out 3. Fold in the sides lengthwise to make a long rectangle
4. Fold bottom up, then the top over that, to make it 1/3 size
Hooded Sweater
1. Lay the hoodie face down and fold arms across the back 2. Fold in half widthwise, bottom to top
3. Fold in half lengthways, making a square
4. Open up the hood and stretch it over the folded hoodie
1. Lay them face down, if they have arms, fold them in towards the center 2. Fold the legs up to the top
3. Fold the sides in towards the center, making a long rectangle
4. Folds the legs up to the top again and turn over