Health Benefits of Blending

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Blending fruits and vegetables has just as many health benefits as juicing and then some. Blending is more budget conscious and you can potentially get more nutrition from what you are consuming. Why blend?
1. Blending Keeps Foods whole because when you are blending fruits and vegetables, you are keeping the fruit intact. The nutrients that each item contains are not only going to be in the right amounts; the fiber content is going to remain. Fiber is im- portant in your diet as it helps to regulate our dietary tract, lower the risk of chronic disease, and helps to stabilize blood sugars.
2. On average, people need about 6 cups of fruits and vegetables per day in their diet. That alone is a mini-mountain of food. By blending these items into delicious smoothies, it makes it easier to get those essentials in your daily diet.
3. Blending allows you to introduces new food choices that you may not normally try. You may not like a certain vegetable, but hidden in a smoothie with other flavors makes it more palatable. You are also able to eat the entire fruit, peels and skins have nutritional value.
4. With a liquefied version of fruits and vegetables entering our digestive system, the body can immediately convert the food into nutritive value while there is less time to convert other items into fat cells for energy later.