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Helping People Obtain Adequate Medical Equipment at a Cost

By Pam Teel

Lorraine Melani is the director of business development for Goodwill Industries. Lorraine represents the Home Medical Division. Her job is to create relationships between Goodwill and organizations so that they can sell equip- ment or get equipment donated to them.

Goodwill Home Medical sells donated DME adult to pediatric that has been sanitized and refurbished at drastically discounted prices. They sell to the general public and to adult and pediatric facilities as well as schools for children with complex disabilities. They make equipment affordable for all thanks to generous donations.

Lorraine goes into the public and creates relationships between Goodwill Home Medical and facilities, hospitals, schools, and the community. She has worked for Goodwill for three and a half years, and in that time she has created so many relationships and told so many people about Goodwill Home Medical through both the hospitals and through her networking contacts.

Good Will Home Medical Equipment offers refurbished home medical equipment to individuals and families. They are the number one place to donate un-opened medical supplies in Philadelphia and South Jersey. They are a division of goodwill industries of Southern Jersey and Philadelphia. They welcome tax deductable gifts to expand their services. A 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization, they collect gently used wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, hospital beds, and more. All equipment is sanitized and refurbished at their facility in Bellmawr, NJ.

With over 50 million people in America without health insurance, sometimes obtaining adequate medical treat- ment, prescriptions, and home medical supplies can be a challenge. Even for those with health insurance, strict rules and guidance can limit access to essentially needed equipment.

To donate home medical supplies in Philly and South Jersey, contact Goodwill Home Medical Equipment. All of their donation centers accept medical equipment and supply donations. To find the nearest Goodwill, go to: www.

Financial donations help fund employment training and career services that prepare individuals with special needs for competitive employment. Your gift gives them a chance to overcome obstacles, a chance to work, earn a paycheck, and gain a better quality of life. To make a donation, call Juli Lundberg, Director of Corporate Communications at: (856) 439 -0200 ext. 99230.

Showroom warehouse – 609.812.2210

Call for hours. Anyone is welcome in the showroom.

300 Benigno Blvd. Bellmawr, NJ. 08031