Gift Ideas for Your New Teen Driver

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Your teen just passed their driving examination and while you may be sweating in the corner full of panic and worry, your teen on the is ready to hit the road.

But before they leave the driveway, you may want to stock their car with some practical car accessories and safety gadgets. One of the best things about having a new car, or your first car, is making it your own. Safety comes first so we have many recommendations.

  1. Emergency Road Kit for the new driver in your life.
  2. A GPS System for vehicles without one built in can reduce the amount your teen uses their phone while driving can help them get where they’re going safety.
  3. A No-Blind Spot Rear View Mirror is a distortion-free 180-degree field of view mirror and clips to existing rear-view mirrors for easy installation.
  4. Gift certificates for car washes and detailing and free oil changes will be much appreciated by new drivers while also creating lifelong car-care habits for your new driver.
  5. The “Life hammer” (with razor) can help drivers escape from submerged vehicles and break free from seatbelts to help trapped passengers. You can mount it in your vehicle for easy access, too.
  6. Fun accessories can be found on Amazon in many different themes. A Rhinestone steering wheel and seatbelt cover accessories will surely make your new driver’s car trendy and personalized.
  7. A portable, lightweight device called a Cobra JumPack can jump-start your vehicle multiple times on one charge (a charge it holds for eight months).
  8. Polarized sunglasses or Window tint will reduce glare, making for safer drivers.
  9. Cell phone docks and holders will keep phones charged and secure in one place and discourage use while driving. With a cell phone dock, your teen can still use directions and hands-free voice.
  10. Trunk Organizers You won’t believe the amount of stuff your teenager will begin to collect in their car. Getting an organizer will help them keep their stuff all in one place

Whether it’s a matter of safety or entertainment, these few things will put a smile on any new driver.