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David Zalepa wrote, “All the successful Realtors that get the lion’s share of listings in their communities and make the most money still use full-page ads in the local newspapers and publications.” (Real Estate Magazine Online).

Forbes Magazine released a series that offers reasons why, in a world of digital phone and tablet use, why print advertising is still successful for Realtors, “Print provides a way of solidifying reputation in your local market while showing homeowners that YOU WILL MARKET THEIR HOME.”

Kyle Hiscock of Greater Rochester, NY explains, “Newspaper advertising is still an effective real estate market strategy and is proven that when a home is advertised for sale that the web traffic increases for a few days after the ad is run. This is most likely because if a potential buyer sees a home for sale in the newspaper, the first thing they will do is search online for it to learn more.” confirms, “The top local agents are those that spend the most on local advertising. Simply, the top agents are the top agents because they spend more locally.”

Luxury presence PR says, “Traditional marketing such as local print media is still our top recommendation for realtors. The biggest reason that advertising in a local publication can be beneficial is because the audience is very specific to the local residents. Residents that are living in a town, in many cases, will move but will not leave the specific town. For this reason, promoting a home for sale in the local newspaper can potentially attract some solid buyers.

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