End of Summer Beauty Tips

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By, Mia Ingui

Although your skin may be shimmering with a deep tan or your hair may be highlighted with sun streaks, there is always room for some end-of-summer beauty tips to make the summer glow last even past August. Here are some helpful beauty pointers!

1. To help heal sunburn:


The most effective way to heal harsh sun- burn is to apply aloe straight from an aloe plant. Cutoff a piece and apply the aloe from inside the leaf to the burn. Don’t have access to an actual plant? There are several varieties of aloe vera cooling gels that will do the trick and can be found at pharmacies and supermar- kets everywhere. A tea-bag compress also can sooth the burn. Make a cup of green tea, take the bag, and apply it to where the burn is located.

2. To hydrate dry skin and lips:


The key to healthy, smooth lips is natural lip balm. NATURAL is the key. Anything with harsh dyes or scents will just over dry your lips even more. To protect lips, try any lip balm containing SPF, and to replenish lips after the sun, try dab- bing pure honey on chapped lips, and after try the Rescue collection of Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline.

3. To moisturize dry hair:


The summer can be the roughest time of the year on your hair due to sun exposure and swimming in pools filled with stripping chemicals that can damage hair. The solution? Ditch those harsh hair products. Repair your hair using clarifying shampoos and conditioners, and if your hair is really damaged and dry, apply a moisture mask once or twice a week for about 10 min- utes.