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The only energy you are responsible for is your own!
Why not learn how to block the energy you don’t want?!

So many people today find themselves taking on the sadness, frustration, and uncertainty around them in these trying times. Sometimes we can’t help feeling the anxiety of our loved ones as they go through their trials and tribulations. However, might we recommend practicing sympathy rather than empathy? Keeping the focus of the issue on the other person, rather than taking on their emotions and going through the issues and feelings yourself, helps to keep your vibrations high and clear. The key to reducing the amount of energy you take on from others is self-monitoring: catching yourself as your emotional habits kick in. Do you really want this energy right now, and do you have the capacity to process it? At Dimensions Reiki, we are committed to sharing techniques to help you cleanse your own ener-gy and providing soul coaching to help guide your next steps both physical-ly and spiritually. Our personalized therapy programs, psychic services, and innovative workshops are ready to teach you how to master your well-being and recapture your peace and balance!!

Check out all of our events online at http://dimensionsreiki.com/calendar. Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual scientist, psychic reader, negative energy remover, soul coach, and spirit medium who owns Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Registration is required for all events; please email dimensionsreiki@gmail.com or call 732-832-1036 to register.