Dimensions of Growth

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As you air out your home and welcome the new energy in, it’s time to air out your OWN energy!

The stale energy in your energy fields should be refreshed just like the air in your home. Take advantage of the life energy of the blooming world around you to help cleanse your aura and Chakras. The feelings and energy that you experience with the changing of the seasons are just some of the ways the Earth around you affects your mood and state of being. Are you ready to learn how to improve your health, balance your emotional wellness, and tune into your own psychic abilities? Let Dimensions help you with your spiritual growth!

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your personalized program of energy management to help feel more comfortable and raise your vibrations. With our Reiki energy healing, psychic readings, and spiritual cleansing services, we are ready to help you determine YOUR spiritual intentions and love your well-being! As we celebrate our expansion at Dimensions, we are proud to welcome our new Reiki Master Teacher Tracy Blair to our team! Come meet us at one of our Thursday Reiki healing circles, and find out what it’s all about!