Dimensions of Awareness

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With the coming of Spring, the world around us changes, bringing new energy into our auras and Chakras that we have to deal with.

Longer days, more gatherings, more outdoor events – it is important to recognize how we receive and process the energy around us. Being aware of what energy we are taking on from family and friends helps us understand behavioral changes such as anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

Sometimes it is hard to identify the ways in which we process energy. People around us can offload their emotions and frustration on us. Homes and offices can contain residual negativity that we absorb. Even our expectations of others can introduce excess energy that we would rather avoid. Changing our habits and grounding our energy fields lets us drain away the influx of unwanted energy that we receive and store. Let Dimensions Reiki work with you to create a personalized program of energy management to help you feel more comfortable and raise your vibrations! To find out more, visit our booths at the Aberdeen Township Health Fair on April 6th and the One Spirit Festival in Clinton on May 4-5!