Diabetes and the Holiday

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It can be hard to resist a spread of desserts or other unhealthy foods when they surround your dinner table. If you’re

suffering from diabetes, it is important to remember how dangerous your blood levels may become by consuming them. This year, put your focus on celebrating fun times with family rather than what’s on the table. Be honest with your family over the concerns you have about being faced with unhealthy decisions.


Together, you can plan a get-together featuring healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday dishes. Consider using fat-free substitutions or create a brand-new recipe featuring an attractive spread of fruits and vegetables.

IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING AHEAD – For diabetics, timing is everything. The
American Diabetes Association recommends planning your family meals to coordinate with your regular eating

schedule. If it just isn’t possible to get everyone together at the same time, there is an alternative. Being required to take insulin injections or medicines to lower blood glucose means you must stick to a strict eating schedule. You can adjust to a di erent schedule by consuming a small snack during your normal meal time. To be safe, check with your professional health team to ensure this practice won’t have negative effects. It also is important to be selective about what you consume at the dinner table. Holiday staples are full of carbohydrates and sugars. Sampling a little of everything can throw your blood sugar levels off balance. Choose to eat only smaller portions of your favorite dishes. You’ll thank yourself later.

STAY ACTIVE – Even if you try your best, you will likely consume a little more during the holidays than you typically would. While it’s best to avoid overeating, being physically active can lessen the impact the extra calories have on your

body. Start a new holiday tradition that involves getting the whole family on board with being active. Take walks around the neighborhood or play outdoor games with your children or grandchildren.

REST – Making sure your sleep quality remains intact is crucial during the holidays. The extra stress caused by hectic schedules and shopping can disrupt your condition. Stick to these tips from the National Sleep Foundation: • Avoid napping as it can throw off your rhythm; • Keep your room between 60 and 67 degrees to add to your comfortability; and • See your doctor if you are having trouble falling asleep.