Creative Ways to Tell Your Child “I Love You”

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By Gabriella Mancuso

The Millstone Times January 2019

Having a special bond with your child is important. To be able to have a relationship built on love, trust and happiness is crucial in the development and growth of your child. There are many different ways to express your appreciation for your child. Although, many children get flustered at the idea of endearment, here are few of our favorite ways to tell your child “I Love You”.

A Heart a Day

Input a heart anywhere you can. Add a paper, candy or food cut out heart to your child’s lunch, snack or school supplies.

The Cup is Half Filled

Get your child a mug that says “I love you” or “World’s Greatest”. A simple reminder that you appreciate them in a cute way.

Lunch Dates

Surprise your child with a lunch date. Take them to their favorite restaurant and enjoy a nice lunch just the two of you.

Send Mail

Send your child love in the form of a letter. Send it in the form of an email, send a text or write a letter turn verbal affection into a fun twist.

Have Some Fun

Find your inner and get the boards out! Play them in Sorry, Monopoly, Trouble or Pictionary and be sure to let them win!

Look at Photo Albums

Go through old photos and reminisce on all the great times you and your children have shared. Relive your favorite moments in time!


Buy them special gifts that show you are proud of them and love them. Pick up something small and meaningful that will make them happy as well as make you feel like a good parent.