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We all love the convenience of our smartphones, so just imagine how much you’ll love your own smart home. Smart home technology is taking over, turning the standard residence into a home automation hub! Best of all, you can pick and choose elements based on your needs and budget for a com- pletely customized experience.

How to Harness Hometech

Picture this. You’re ready to watch a movie, and with the sound of your voice, your lights dim, your blinds close, your Blu-Ray player turns on and the surround sound engages. Or imagine you’re about to leave for a trip, and your voice commands engage your home security and surveillance system, which you can view on your smartphone anytime you want. This and more are possible with smart home technology.

You can turn your house into a home automation hub with features like Control4 technology, one of the best smart home system options. Hometech not only enhances audio and visual experiences, but it makes everything work together for a more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable lifestyle.

There’s never been a better time to enhance your home with the power of technology and automation. Here are just some of ways you can do it on any budget.

  • Tying together the lights, climate control and music under one master control system that works on its own.
  • Setting up multiple-screen video with surround sound, all controlled with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Incorporating electronics-savvy furniture design, along with hidden screens, wiring, and speakers
  • Utilizing the best smart home system technology for security and sur
  • veillance systems that can be easily integrated with home or business automation options, controllable from anywhere.
  • Streaming music from room to room through Bluetooth, WiFi and other audio capabilities
  • Extending the WiFi range so that you’re never disconnected
  • Adding an outdoor media room using smart home technology to create
  • the ideal entertainment for the backyard enthusiast and added benefit to any gathering of family or friends.

Partner with a Local Hometech Professional

Connecting your lifestyle with smart home technology offers the best of luxury, time-saving efficiency and safety in one dynamic resource. It also enables you to go green and save money by reducing your energy use. Whether you travel frequently and want to know and control what’s hap- pening at your home while you’re away, or simply adjust lighting and tem- perature controls to enjoy your favorite movie, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with a professional media company.

Partner with a professional installer of smart home technology, and you can relax and entertain in a home that’s enhanced with automation—in- doors and out. With one touch, or the sound of your voice, you can dim the lights, play music, turn down the heat, lock your doors and even arm your security system. Your house will become the home automation hub you al- ways dreamed of.