Close Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships Have Healthy Benefits

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By Susan Heckler

So many of us are fortunate to have known our grandparents and even luckier if you have wonderful memories of special times with them. Wouldn’t it be great if you can give that same gift to your children?

Many families are living multi-generationally, meaning you have more than two generations sharing a home. The economy is such that sharing a dwelling makes sense financially, plus Mom and Dad are at work all day so Grandma and Grandpa are big helps in raising the kids and getting them where they need to go. All parties concerned are so lucky, they get quality time with each other and can forge a strong bond.

There are so many wonderful benefits of having a great relationship with your grandparents, and it is great for both sides.

Grandparents are your link to the family tree and its history. They can regale your kids with tales of ancestors long gone who can give your family a sense of pride in their past. Children learn about history in school, but they can hear about it first hand from someone who has lived through it. Grandparents are a source of unconditional love and admiration toward the grandkids. There is nothing like learning the secret family recipes from Grandma to save for generations to come. Children in high risk situations such as poverty or family dysfunction are likely to do well with a Grandparent in their corner, guiding them through the tough times giving sage wisdom and love.

Grandchildren are the link to perpetuating the family tree and adding new limbs. A grandchild’s achievement is a source of great pride. Grandchildren can be loved and nurtured without being the disciplinarian, making the experience that much more fulfilling. The Grands can share the latest trends and technology and teach G & G new things. One of the big issues of aging is loneliness and isolation, a tight relationship with the grandchildren does wonders to combat this. Social contact extends their lifespan as well as keeps their mind more alert.

The wonders of this wonderful relationship continue until adulthood. Research done by Boston College concluded that emotionally close ties between grandparents and adult grandchildren reduced symptoms of depression in both groups.

Thanks to the internet, it is so much easier to stay close and benefit from your relationship. Even at long distances, you can see their faces and hear their voices without breaking the bank. Talk! Text! Facetime! Facebook!

Keep sharing your love and your life with the Grands because it is grand!