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Wendy Mass Visits Millstone School

On May 18th, the Millstone Township Elementary School students along with their principal, Suzanne Guidry, welcomed visiting author, Wendy Mass to their school. The event was organized by Reading Specialist, Colleen Henkin and Reading Interventionist, Nicole Filippone.
The event was funded by the Millstone Township Parent Teacher Organization. Wendy, a best-selling author, has published over twenty books geared toward upper-elementary and middle school readers. Students in grades three through five enjoyed hearing her speak about what inspired her writing career as well as tips on how to craft their own stories during two assemblies.
Students had the opportunity to pre-order a variety of her titles including Space Taxi, The Candymakers, and The Willow Falls series as well as her most recently published book, Bob, which came out on May 1, 2018. The students at Millstone Township Elementary School purchased approximately three hundred of her books with the help of Lori Matlow of Barnes and Nobles of Freehold.
In addition to the two assemblies, students had the opportunity to interact with Wendy in a
variety of ways. One student from each fifth grade homeroom was given the opportunity to
meet with Wendy and ask her questions about her writing experiences. Wendy also met with
the Phearless Phragmites Phighters, a problem-solving group led by Beth Topinka and Jenn Modula. She then had the opportunity to visit Mrs. Olah’s third grade art class in which students were creating space-taxi inspired vessels made of clay.
The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed having author Wendy Mass at their school for the day! It was a memorable experience sure to inspire the young readers and writers of Millstone Township Elementary School.