The Cats are Taking Over Best Apps For Cats

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By Nicole Iuzzolino

Technology is taking the world by storm. While technology is a tool to learn and experiment with, it is also great for entertainment purposes. Nowadays, every child possesses an iPad or tablet, and use the games to keep them occupied all day long. While these games and other apps are quite entertaining for people, there is another group that is interested in these apps as well. Cats now have their own games that can be downloaded to any tablet. Here is a list of the top five apps that will have every cat clawing for more.

Game for Cats

This app targets a felines natural instinct to chase anything small. This free app features a tiny laser that dots around the screen, making any cat want to immediately swipe at it. For only two dollars your cat can upgrade from a tiny laser to a mouse as well. The app keeps track of your furry friends score as well, so you can always keep track of how well they are doing.

Relax My Cat

Everyone loves listening to music, so why not get some for your cat? This app compiled some songs that they will love listening to. Just like how our music can influence our daily emotions, it works just the same for cats. Digital Trends states that each song, ̈… is supposed to evoke a different mood, so there ́s a track for making them sleepy, a tune for playtime, and even one for separation anxiety ̈. However, the results of this app really depend on the kind of cat you own. Some really like music while others don’t, so it is definitely worth a try!

Paint for Cats

It is finally time to bring out the inner artist in your furry friend! This app allows your cat to chase a mouse across the screen while creating a beautiful masterpiece. Every Time your cats swats at the screen, splatters of paint will appear. When your cat is done, you have a little masterpiece created just for you!

Pet First Aid

While this app is not meant for cats to use, it is a very helpful tool to have on your phone. This app provides tons of advice when needing to diagnose your cat. There ́s instructions with dealing with specific emergencies, and videos for guidance. This app also allows you to make a specific profile just for your cat, so you can track vet visits, medications, and find vet hospitals if need be. It is definitely something every cat owner needs.

Cat Fishing 2

This app overall is pretty simple. There is a fish that swims around the screen, and every time your cat paws at it, they score points! Every time your cat makes it to the next round, another fish is added, making it harder as they advance.

At the end of the day, not all cats will like tablet games and will ultimately prefer a regular mouse toy. By introducing our animals to the world of technology, owning a pet is about to get a lot more interesting.